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Bloom Preserve


This NFA parcel, donated in 1976 by Lewis Bloom is a rectangular shaped parcel that, after a steep ascent from either Tower Road or Obtuse Road South, gradually continues uphill and through recently reclaimed meadow to the left and mature forest on the right to 3-4 acre grassy meadow whose northerly border is the Brookfield town line. The northerly most portion of the eastern border abuts to the 18 acre preserve owned by the Brookfield Open Space Legacy Land Trust (BOSL). Approximately 4 of these BOSL acres are in Newtown. The BOSL parcel in Newtown is densely wooded and slopes down from the Brookfield town line to Obtuse Road South. The Brookfield parcel is primarily meadow and filled with bayberry bushes and, what once appeared to be a stand of trees that was probably Christmas Trees.

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Lewis Rogers Bloom 1976
Total Acres: 16
Special Features:

What makes such a large parcel of open space (on a combined basis) so important is that is contains a complete ecosystem from wetlands and vernal pools to shrub and grass meadows and dense forest. The diversity that is present here is very conducive to all types of plant and animal species. If each the NFA and BOSL properties were not connected, and were separate smaller parcels surrounded by development, the extent to which ecological diversity was noted would not be as pronounced. While on a recent visit we observed a flock of (30-40) turkeys that were observed feeding.

Facts and Trivia
Reclaiming the meadows was a recent project the NFA undertook. This was a typical example of what happens when a meadow is let to naturally revert to forest. There was also accelerated evidence of such reforestation from the many invasive species found growing amongst the shrubby wood sapplings. Our objective of reclaiming the meadow was to provide a locally fast depleting habitate for ground nesting birds and animals and butterfly migration.

Address: 17 Obtuse Road, Newtown, CT, 06470
GPS: 41.443158, -73.357919
Parking and Access: Parking is permitted along Tower road near the roadway clearing.
Special Note:
Property Rules:
This preserve is open to passive recreational activities.
Please leave no evidence of your visit.

Open Sunrise to Sunset.

Pets must remain on a leash; please clean up after your pets.
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