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Cavanaugh Pond


At the northeast corner of the property resides a fieldstone dam and spillway originally built in 1867. This property is split down the middle by a raised abandoned railbed that was created in 1885. When the railbed was installed in 1885 the pond was to be split and connected by an underground tunnel that was six foot by eight foot made of cut stone and masonry.

To the northern side of the railbed resides a 5+ acre lake suitable for fishing. To the southern side of the railbed resides approximately 5 acres of wetlands, shallow ponds and vernal pools. On both sides of the railbed and surrounding the ponds and wetlands resides 5 acres of woodlands.

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Newtown 90 Associations 1975
Total Acres: 15
Special Features:

The NFA formulated a strategy to address our long standing beaver problems at Cavanaugh Pond. As you may recall the beavers flooded the wetland adjacent to the Cavanaugh Pond causing flooding across Hanover Road. We hired an engineer to survey the area and documented the elevation levels at various points on the property to help design a long term solution. One of the goals of this long term solution was to minimize the upkeep and maintenance requirements necessary to ensure the proper drainage of the wetland area and to eliminate the possibility of flooding of Hanover road from.

Facts and Trivia
The railbed that traverses the property was previously used by "The New York & New England Line".

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Address: 13 Echo Valley Road
GPS: 41.442352, -73.314025
Parking and Access: There is a parking area on Echo Valley Road adjacent to the abandoned rail bridge support. Caution leaving the parking area because the rail bridge support greatly inhibits visibility.
Special Note:
Property Rules:
This preserve is open to passive recreational activities.
Please leave no evidence of your visit.

Open Sunrise to Sunset.

Pets must remain on a leash; please clean up after your pets.
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