Newtown Forest Association Announces Continuation of Pollinator Meadow Project

Newtown, CT (April 10, 2017) –The Newtown Forest Association’s (NFA) Pollinator Meadow Project is entering its second year.  Last year, the NFA began to convert a 3.8 acre grass field at its Blackman Preserve (64 Mount Pleasant Road) into a flower meadow for pollinators.  Bordering on Route 25, the property has an estimated 25,000 people a day drive by it. The Project began with a number of generous donations that were used to buy a mixture of Northeast wildflower seeds.  Many individuals from throughout town also contributed root cuttings, plugs, and full-sized perennial plants to the meadow. Some groups also contributed their time and efforts to actually plant the full grown plants.

This year, the NFA’s plan is a little bit different. Starting last fall, the group asked for Newtonians to contribute flower seed heads from their own gardens, or any other local source.  The NFA has threshed and stratified these seed heads, and will plant them in the meadow as soon as it is prepared. They will also be growing and planting flower plugs in the meadow. The seeds will be planted in 2-3 weeks, and to plant the plugs in 4-5 weeks.  To help with this part of the Project, the NFA is asking for volunteers help with both these events. Since exact dates for these events can be planned, they are asking volunteers to send an e-mail to with “meadow project” in the subject line to be notified of the exact dates.

The NFA is also proud to announce that the Blackman Preserve Meadow Project is now on the register of the National Pollinator Garden Network. (  This organization is an unprecedented collaboration of national, regional, and local gardening clubs. Its purpose is to help restore critical pollinator populations in support of former President Obama’s Executive Strategy to “Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators.”  NPGN collectively represents approximately 800,000 gardeners, 10,000 schoolyard gardens and a baseline of a 250,000 registered pollinator gardens nationwide from across its five main founding organizations.

The NFA Blackman Preserve Meadow Project is partially funded by the 2017 NFA budget. However, the NFA believes that community participation needs to be an important component. In that spirit, they are reaching out to people who wish to donate towards this very special project. Those who wish to donate money may send a check to: Newtown Forest Association P.O. Box 213 Newtown, CT 06470. Indicate “wildflower seeds” in the memo line.  Those who wish to donate seeds, seed heads, purchased seeds, or divisions, may leave them on the stone wall in the back of the driveway of 59 Main Street.

For questions and further information, please contact the NFA at: or call (203) 270-3650 and leave a message.